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  • Data Science Institute and the Department of Computer science - work in the area of text mining, ML, and AI

  • Delaware Energy Institute - work on plastic upcycling and recycling, biomass conversion to chemicals, 

  • NIIMBL - Biologics manufacturing - optimization of fed-batch and continuous production of mAbs

  • CPI (Center of Plastics Innovation) - work to evaluate alternative upcycling technologies of existing plastics and development of new materials with better properties

  • GCR (Growing Convergence research) - work with plant scientists on novel routes for biomass conversion to chemicals especially working with lignin. 

  • EPSCoR NSF funded center in collaboration with the University of Kansas to optimize the polymer production for plastics and re-use.

  • RAPID institute - evaluation of identified technologies and process integration for biomass to chemicals 

  • DOE-funded work on biological transformations of biomass to fuels 

  • Rutgers collaborations funded by FDA on I4.0 technologies for continuous production of solid-based drugs, and RTD modeling 

  • Leading a state-wide effort on the valorization of waste working with agriculture, food, and chemical waste towards a circular economy. 

  • Variety of different industrial projects: GSK bioreactor and chromatography design;  DEvCo life cycle evaluation of aerobic digestion for waste treatment;  RiKarbon evaluation of different technologies for carbon capture; CSL design development for plasma separation technologies. 

  • Part of the NRT traineeship program

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