Andres D. Roman

Vidya Iyer

(Jun 2007 - May 2010)
Research area: Metabolic Engineering of Liver Cell Cultures


Antonie Berton

(Mar 2005 - Mar 2006)
Research area: Optimization and Control of Pulp and Paper Processes
Title: Metallurgist at Soutex Inc

Jun Zhang

(Sep 2014 - Sep 2015)
Research area: Data base development and integration with Flowsheet simulation


George Saharidis

(Mar 2007 - Dec 2008)
Research area: Decomposition Based Optimization of Complex Systems 
Title: Assistant Professor at University of Thessaly

Avinash Sirdeshpande

(Sep 1999 - Mar 2001)
Research area: Reduction of Complex Kinetic Models
Title: Director at Great Point Energy

Jey Arjunan

(Oct 2010 - May 2011)
Research area: Process Integration and Optimization of Pharmaceutical operations
Title: Optimization specialist, ExxonMobil

Zhenya Jia

(Jan 2007- Feb 2009)
Research area: Modeling, Optimization and Control of Pharmaceutical Systems