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Pooja Bhalode

(Mar 2022) 

Thesis: Multi-scale Modeling and Analysis for Pharmaceutical 


Title: Postdoc, University of Delaware, DE

Ou Yang

(Mar 2021) 

Thesis: Process Modeling and Optimization of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Title: Senior Technical Specialist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Atharv Bhosekar

(Sep 2020) 

Thesis: Supply Chain Optimization and Modular Process Design Using Machine Learning-based Frameworks

Title: Senior Engineer at GAMS Development Corp.

Nirupaplava Metta

(Dec 2019) 

Thesis: Model Development and Analysis of Solid Oral Dosage Manufacturing Processes Involving Particle Size Change

Title: Application Engineer at Applied Materials

Abhay Athaley

(Dec 2019) 

Thesis: Integrated Design, Analysis and Optimization of Chemical Production from Biomass Feed

Title: Postdoc, National Renewable Energy Laboratory 

Sebastian Escotet

(May 2018)
Thesis: Phenomenological and residence time distribution models for unit operations in a continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing process

Title: Senior Scientist, Research Pharmacy at Merck, Rahway, NJ.

Nihar Sahay

(March 2016)
Thesis: Hybrid Simulation based Optimization for Supply Chain Management
Title: Sr Engineer at Aspen Technology. Houston, Texas

Jinjun Zhuge
(Mar 2015) 
Thesis: Integration of Process Scheduling and Control
Title: Senior Engineer at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Malta, NY.

Yijie Gao
(Apr 2012)
Thesis: Modeling and Analysis of Continuous Powder Blending
Title: Scientist at Takeda Oncology. Boston, USA

Zilong Wang

(May 2018)
Thesis: Simulation-based process analysis and optimization for continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing

Title: Senior Scientist at Pfizer, Peapack, NJ.

Zhaojia Lin

(Sep 2015)

Thesis: Integrated Design, Evaluation and Optimization of Biomass Conversion to Chemicals
Title: Process Specialist at Solvay. Shanghai, China.

Amanda Rogers
(Dec 2014)
Thesis: Process Systems Engineering Methods for the Development of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes
Title: Senior Research Investigator, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Fani Boukouvala
(Nov 2012)
Thesis: Integrated Simulation and Optimization of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Title: Assistant Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology 

Parham Farzan

(December 2017)
A Framework for Development of Integrated and Computationally Feasible Models of Large Scale Mammalian Cell Bioreactors

Title: Project Manager/Researcher at Independent Contractor

Nikisha Shah
(Mar 2015)
Thesis: Decomposition Approaches for Enterprise-Wide Optimization in Process Industry
Title: Operations Optimization Analyst at Monsanto Company. Chesterfield, Missouri.

Shuliang Zhang
(Dec 2013)
Thesis: Combustion Characterization and Kinetic Modeling in Reactive Flow Simulations
Title: Sr. Process Engineer at Scientific Design Company

Mehmet Orman
(Sep 2011)
Thesis: Bioinformatics Analysis of Control Mechanisms of Burn and Sepsis Induced Inflammatory Response
Title: Assistant Professor at University of Houston,
Houston, Texas.

Beverly Smith
(June 2010)
Thesis: Product Design and Product Portfolio Modeled Integration and Optimization
Title: Chief Operating Officer at Vector International. Parsippany, NJ

Kaiyuan He
(June 2010)
Thesis: Development of Kinetic Model Reduction Framework and its Application in Realistic Flow Simulation
Title: Advanced Engineer, ExxonMobil

Zukui Li
(May 2010)
Thesis: Process Operations with Uncertainty and Integration Considerations
Title: Assistant Professor at University of Alberta

Hong Yang
(Jan 2010)
Thesis: Design and Analysis of Amino Acid Supplementation in Hepatocyte Culture Using In Vitro Experiment and Mathematical Modeling
Title: Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the FDA-Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research

Nripen Sharma
(Jan 2007)
Thesis: Metabolic Engineering of Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation Into Hepatocytes
Title: Principal Consultant at Sixth Dimension Project Solution Ltd
Mumbai, India

Eddie Davis
(Oct 2008)
Thesis: Modeling and Optimization of Process Engineering Problems Containing Black-Box Systems and Noise
Title: Technical Services at Epic. Madison, Wisconsin

Daniel Wu
(May 2005)
Thesis: Unified Frameworks for Optimal Production Planning and Scheduling: Continuous-Time Decomposition-Based Approaches
Title: Founder at The InteTrust Strategy. Beijing City, China

Patricia Brieva
(May 2008)
Thesis: Quality by Design for Continuous Powder Mixing
Title: Director at L'Oréal R&I

Ipsita Banerjee
(May 2005)
Thesis: Development of an Adaptive Chemistry Model for Reactive Flow Simulations
Title: Associate Professor at University of Pittsburgh

Vishal Goyal
(Jan 2005)
Thesis: Design and Synthesis of Flexible Module-Based Systems
Title: Global Client Partner at Infosys

Aditya Bindal
(Oct 2004)
Thesis: Numerical Methods for Multiscale Simulation, Coarse Optimization and Bifurcation Analysis of Reactor Systems
Title: Chief Risk Officer at Water Island Capital, LLC

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